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Compasses, Solid State Inclinometers, Directional Probes, Electrolytic Tilt Sensors

EZ-COMPASS-3A Tilt Compensated Compass with Dual Axis Tilt System


mini_ez-compass-3A.jpgLow cost SOLID STATE advanced Pitch / Roll / Temperature compensated COMPASS / MAGNETOMETER system is built around a state of the art CMOS microcontroller utilizing AOSI’s proprietary algorithm on a 1.5″ x 2″ assembled PCB with a total height including tilt sensing elements of less then 0.5″.

The unit outputs continuous heading, magnetic field, dual axis tilt and temperature data over the standard RS-232 and RS-422 and  RS-485* interfaces.

The AZIMUTH is generated from a 3 axis semiconductor magnetometer with 12 bit ( 0.08 deg ) resolution.

The LINEAR tilt information is available with 12 bit resolution for +-90arcdeg in Pitch axis and FULL 360arcdeg in Roll axis.

COMPASS/TILT module is perfectly suitable for numerous navigation, research, training, construction, entertainment and other precision orientation, navigation and leveling applications.

The COMPASS is able to output multi-sensor information in NMEA-0183 mode and responds to numerous generally used commands. Easy link through the Hyper Terminal Windows accessory facilitates custom calibration, hard iron compensation, data acquisition, data averaging, scan delay, dumping factor and data display.

Compass is available with a logging option that allows users to autonomously store up to 20000 reading for future DSP processing,




Azimuth Range 0–360 deg, continuous
Azimuth Resolution 12 (0.08) bit (deg)
Azimuth Repeatability < 0.25 deg, typical horizontal
Azimuth Accuracy < 0.5 deg, typical horizontal
Magnetic Field +-2 Gauss typical
Magnetic Resolution < 1 mGauss typical
Pitch Range +90 to -90 arcdeg after linear correction
Roll Range +180 to -180 arcdeg after linear correction
Weight 11 grams
Dynamic Range 10 reading/sec
Tilt Resolution 12 bit full scale, both axis
Tilt Repeatability <2 bits
Temperature -40 to +85 deg C
Communication 1200–38400 baud,8,N,1 RS-232 and RS-422 standards
Supply 6—15 Vdc
Size 1.5″W x 2″L x 0.5″H PCB Board
NMEA-0183 mode 5 select modes 1999 Revision


*  RS-485 is activated upon special request
SOFT NORTH: North direction could be manually reset by software to compensate for local declination angle
CABLE: Special cable for PC interfacing is available. Unit should be locally calibrated.
Specifications of sensors may change without notice.


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