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“We know your angle”


Sparkling_American_Flag.gifAdvanced Orientation Systems, Inc. (AOSI) was founded in January of 1995 with a goal of developing and producing the next generation of tilt sensors.  AOSI quickly became an integral part of the angle measurement industry, and proudly manufactures products in the USA.

AOSI’s base line of Dual Axis tilt sensors are manufactured from a recently developed advanced Polymer. Inert to most chemicals and mechanically stable, this new material made it possible to manufacture dual axis miniature tilt sensors in the tens of thousands without any significant unit to unit structural deviation. These highly consistent sensors quickly became the logical, reliable and low cost replacement to brittle old style glass components. They found recognition in numerous medical, military, automotive and other high reliability applications.

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Recent relocation to a newly built facility permitted AOSI to expand its R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Conveniently located in the Linden Industrial Business Center, minutes from Newark International Airport and just a few miles away from NEW YORK City allows AOSI easy access into the largest pool of industrial, engineering and personnel resources.

Main engineering, R&D, production assembly and final testing are done in house, while some operations are subcontracted to ISO-9000 registered subcontractor facilities.

mini_lab2.jpgmini_lab_3.jpgTotal dedication to quality and reliability combined with aggressive research into process automation resulted in a very innovative production technique that guarantees consistent production of thousands of sensors per day with a staff of less than ten.

Use of modern Electro-Mechanical CAD software assists engineering in all aspect of product and process development.

Integrated fully equipped machine shop minimizes waiting for prototypes and production tooling. While in storage sensitive sensor parts are stored in a humidity and air free chamber.

For repeatable and consistent electrical performance all sensors are filled by computer controlled filling stations capable of dividing 100 micro-liters into 4800 equal parts.

Sensors testing is performed by ultra high resolution rotational angle positioning station by AEROTECH which is able to resolve angles to a sub-arcsec level.

mini_lab_4.jpgTo tap into new markets requiring high resolution and extended Military temperature range AOSI had embarked on a mission to develop a line of Ceramic linear single axis tilt sensors utilizing high reliability engineering ceramics and advanced metal deposition techniques.

Wide range sensors are able to accurately measure angles in access of +-90 arcdeg, while high resolution sensor versions are successful in detecting 2 micro radian ( 0.5 arcsec ) angular deviations. Special full rotation +-180 arcdeg (360 arcdeg total ) systems are available.

Special high temperature furnaces allow processing ceramic parts at temperature as high as 1400 degC in Oxygen and inert atmospheres.

AOSI had noticed that the major deterrent from using electrolytic tilt sensors was and is the difficulty of electronic interfacing and signal processing. To solve this dilemma AOSI had expanded it expertise from sensor development to microprocessor and analog circuit design and sensor interfacing. This step had diversified AOSI’s activities from being a component manufacturer into a System Integrator. Some apparent examples of this step are the EZ-COMPASS-4, EZ-TILT-5000 and numerous custom modules.

Specialty products like EZ-COMPASS-4 probes for vertical and horizontal boreholes are widely used in numerous borehole drilling and profiling applications. All products utilize customized advanced micro controllers and mixed signal circuitry. Internally developed dynamic algorithms are performing all required sensor interfacing and signal processing. Both products available in single and OEM quantities. Custom product development and licensing are available on individually approved basis.


AOSI capabilities include calibration and thermal testing services of most gravity referenced angle measurement instrumentation and sensors.

Clients can either send their instruments or schedule an onsite calibration session.

AOSI personnel will test and calibrate sensors and instruments with NIST traceability and issue a calibration certificate.

Market research, strong technical background and dynamic character of AOSI’s marketing and technical teams led the company release and market Advanced Wireless wide range and High resolution dual axis  EZ-LEVEL-PRO tilt meters.  These advanced wireless products allow users to communicate and collect data on any Android and iPhone Bluetooth capable device.

AOSI’s strong dedication to quality, in-process inspection and advanced testing capabilities let us provide customers with flawless and reliable products.

New custom Solid State, Polymer and Ceramic linear and nulling electrolytic tilt sensors offer users a powerful combination of benefits. Structural consistency, reduced size, low profile, PCB mounting and wave solderability are very important qualifying factors. High volume applications such as Auto-Alarms, VR HMDs, wheel alignment, military and medical devices greatly benefit from unsurpassed consistency in sensors’ performance. Newly formulated advanced materials combined with the custom developed electronic packages, provide the user with new and reliable methods for computing and accurately finding angles quickly in a cost effective way.

 For any additional press release or other company information all questions should be directed to Mr. Marty Berger / Vice President Of Marketing at  sales@aositilt.com .

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