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Compasses, Solid State Inclinometers, Directional Probes, Electrolytic Tilt Sensors

EZ-TILT-3000 Analog Universal Inclinometer Platform

  Available with: DX-045,DX-045-90 , DX-045XXT, DX-008, DX-008XXT dual axis sensors

  Available with: SX-003D-null, C29, all SX-xxD-LIN, all SX-xxD-VIB

mini_ez-3000.jpgEZ-TILT-3000TM rev-2 is a highly advanced and flexible angle conversion module for  single and dual axis tilt measurement applications.

EZ-TILT-3000TM is able to provide a complete DUAL AXIS angle measurement solution with an ANALOG output when using DX sensors.  This miniature SMT module has independent gain and null adjustments, and is available in a WIDE RANGE or HIGH-RESOLUTION versions.

RATIOMETRIC by design, it can be powered by a unipolar or bipolar supply. Advanced CMOS design guarantees low current consumption, which makes this module a logical choice for various battery-powered applications. 

As with any other AOSI  angle conversion module, you may install the sensor directly on the PCB or remotely. With proper selection of supply voltage and GAIN settings this module may be directly interfaced to standard A/D converters or computer I/O data acquisition boards.



Max supply voltage ( VDD – VSS ):                              18 Vdc

Min supply voltage  ( VDD – VSS ):                              4.6 Vdc

Current @ Vsupply  (mA @ Vdc )                               2@5       4.8@12          6.6@15

Output voltage max                                                        VDD – 1Vdc

Output voltage min                                                         VSS + 1Vdc

Noise band width 0Hz to 100Hz                                  <1mVdc

Min resistive load on   X or Y outputs                         3Kohm

Min resistive load on Vtemp                                        100Kohm

Min resistive load on Vref                                             100Kohm

R18  Offset adjustment for X

R29  Offset adjustment for Y

R24  Gain adjustment for X.    rev 2 model

R30  Gain adjustment for Y.    rev 2 model

The offset adjustment is 20% of the supply voltage, and is centered on Vref. For example: for 5Vdc supply, adjustment is +- 0.5Vdc  centered on 2.5Vdc. The gain is independent of the supply. Higher output signal could be achieved with higher supply voltage.

For example:  0.3Vdc/arcdeg will require 8 Vdc supply for a tilt range of +/-10 arcdeg.

( I VDD I – I VSS I )volt=(scale factor volt/arcdeg *  range arcgeg) + 2volt   

Vrefvolt = ( I VDD I – I VSS I )/2volt +/-0.2volt

CONNECTOR:        pin #            designation

                                    1                      Vtemp ( optional temperature sensors output )

                                    2                      Vref ( half of the  I VDD I – I VSS I  ) output 1

                                    3                      VDD

                                    4                      X output

                                    5                      Y output

                                    6                      VSS

NOTE: Vref can be forced to a voltage. The equivalent input for Vref is a 3.01K resistor in parallel with 22uF cap. Dis-soldering R21, R28 and C13 will increase input resistance to 100K, and lower the equivalent C to 100pF. Vref should be free of electrical noise.

All standard AOSI SX-type single axis ceramic sensors have RED wire connected to sensors center, and Blue and White to the left and right side of the sensor.  The SX-VIB type have Red wire physically located on one side of the sensor, however it is still electrically is center of the sensor.

When using SX-type sensors with EZ-TILT-3000, the used should locate the round 2cm circle in the center of the PCB. The white sensor wire should be wired to home #1 (squire home), Red to hole #5 and Blue to hole #2. Standard output is pin #5.

mini_3000lin.jpg    mini_3000-housing.jpg    mini_3000-045.jpg

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