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Compasses, Solid State Inclinometers, Directional Probes, Electrolytic Tilt Sensors



mini_sxnull.jpgSX-003D-NULL and SX-003D-NULL-L (extended range ) single axis NULLING inclination sensors provide an economical and reliable tilt sensing solution for applications requiring ULTRA–HIGH resolution, superior repeatebility, good near-null symmetry and linearity.

Rugged hermetic construction and MIL-SPEC wide temperature range make it suitable for numerous high precision sub-arcsec laser, optical, automotive, range finder, alignment, and construction applications.

Innovative proprietary vertical design, four set screw holes and low profile facilitate uncomplicated surface mounting.

Duplicate set of solder ready contacts are provided for increased contact reliability.

The extended range version has a monotonous range of+-4 arcdeg.



Specification Data Comments/units
Range -3 to +3 (-4 to+4 -L ver ) arcdeg monotonous
Range -0.5 to +0.5 arcdeg linear typical
Resolution < 0.5 arcsec typical
Repeatability < 0.0003 arcdeg typical
Linearity < 10% @ 0.5 CCW & CW
Symmetry < 15% @ 0.5 CCW & CW
Response time < 15 msec msec * #
Time constant < 100 msec msec ** #
Tot. settling time < 500 msec msec *** #
Temperature -55 to +125 deg C operational
Temperature -55 to +125 deg C storage
Construction Flat mount Advanced ceramics
Size 1.5″L x 0.5″W x 0.25″H


Recommended to be used with EZ-TILT-5000, EZ-TILT-5000-REV3 or EZ-TILT-3000.

* Elapsed time until the sensor reacts to a tilt disturbance.
** Elapsed time from the end of disturbance until the sensor is within 90% of its final output.
*** Elapsed time from the end of disturbance until the sensor is at STEADY STATE output.
# Based on standard non-modified electrolyte.
# Viscosity of the electrolyte may be modified to filter out vibration.


Specifications and color of sensors may change without notice.


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