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LINEAR Tilt Sensor

mini_sx-VIB.jpgSX-015D-VIB and SX-005D-VIB are single axis LINEAR ceramics tilt sensors that provide economical and reliable single axis tilt solutions for HIGH VIBRATION applications where very good linearity, high resolution and superior symmetry are required.

Constructed with a specially developed internal cavity helps restrict the movement and foaming of electrolyte during severe vibrations.

Rugged construction and use of Advanced engineering ceramics allow use without additional housings or bulky enclosures.,

MIL-SPEC wide temperature range and excellent filtering ability during vibration make these sensors suitable for numerous construction, military, automotive, industrial, laser, medical, heavy machinery and robotics applications.

Low profile and vertical flat reference surface facilitate simple utilization.



Specification SX-005D-VIB Comments/Units
Range -5 to +5 arcdeg near-linear
Range -3 to +3 arcdeg lin
Resolution <5 arcsec typical
Repeatability <0.002 arcdeg typical
Linearity <1% @ 3° CCW & CW
Linearity <0.5% @ 2° CCW & CW
Linearity <0.25% @ 1° CCW & CW
Symmetry <2% @ 3° CCW & CW
Response time <100 msec * #
Time constant <1000 msec msec ** #
Tot. settling time <2 sec sec *** #
Temperature -55 to +125 deg C operational
Temperature -55 to +125 deg C storage
Construction ceramic Hermetic
Size 1.500″w x 0.600h x 0.330  inch


* Elapsed time until the sensor reacts to a tilt disturbance.
** Elapsed time from the end of disturbance until the sensor is within 90% of its final output.
*** Elapsed time from the end of disturbance until the sensor is at STEADY STATE output.
# Based on standard non-modified electrolyte.
# Viscosity of the electrolyte may be modified to filter out vibration.



Specifications and color of sensors may change without notice.


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