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Handheld.jpgmini_EZ-COMPASS-PROBE.jpgOEM version of the two-directional  Portable EZ-BOREHOLE PROFILER is designed for magnetically clean applications and includes SOLID STATE advanced Pitch / Roll / Temperature compensated miniature compass system. It is built around a state of the art Cortex microcontroller utilizing AOSI’s proprietary algorithm on a 0.9″ x 2″ x 0.5″  assembled PCB. The mini probe can be installed in any larger size probe enclosure for submersible, high pressure  or other custom applications.

The OEM system includes 1” diameter 5” long mini probe, color handheld display controller and cable. The new mini probe is able to provide total borehole profile information. It displays borehole and tool face directions, X-Y-Z magnetic fields, borehole pitch, tool roll and temperature in its integrated handheld controller.. Click to view USER MANUAL

The handheld display controller includes a color display, four touch keys in a soft rubberized case. The system is powered by a single 9Vdc cell. Advanced Cortex processor monitors all communications with the mini probe, sends and receives user commands and displays graphic and numeric data on the screen. All displayed data is in real time.  The system also includes special reinforced abrasion resistant cable. Due to the systems modular construction the cable is available in various standard and custom lengths and marked depth increments of “1ft, 5 ft, 10ft, 1m, 3m, 5m”. .

The system can profile both VERTICAL as well as HORIZONTAL boreholes, therefor there is no need to have two separate borehole deviation probes (one for each orientation). The user does not need to retract the probe or go through prolonged setups and re-calibration procedures in order to switch between orientation modes.

Single click instantly switches from vertical profiling mode to horizontal, or vice-versa. This is achieved by sensing magnetic field of Earth together with pitch and roll orientation of the mini probe. Then it uses AOSI’s algorithm to accurately calculate the 3D orientation of the mini probe and its direction.

Parameter Specification Units/description
Azimuth Range 0–360 deg, continuous
Azimuth Resolution 12 (0.08) bit (deg)
Azimuth Repeatability < 0.25 deg, typical horizontal
Azimuth Accuracy < 0.5 deg, typical horizontal, Mag. clean areas
Magnetic Field +-2 Gauss typical
Magnetic Resolution < 1 mGauss typical
Pitch Range +90 to -90 arcdeg after linear correction
Roll Range +180 to -180 arcdeg after linear correction
Weight <1lb Aluminum mini probe
Deployment modes 2 PUSH-IN, RETRACT
Tilt Resolution 12 bit full scale, both axis
Tilt Repeatability <2 bits
Temperature -40 to +85 deg C
Communication 4800–115,200 baud,8,N,1 Micro USB to PC
Supply 9Vdc cell, USB 9Vdc cell, USB
Size 1″ OD, 5″ long mini probe, 6 foot cable. Any length available
Logging 32 files, manual capacity 25000 readings


Storage of borehole data is achieved via integrated logging feature. The system can save up to 32 borehole files with total capacity of about 25000 readings. Data is easily transferred  to any PC via USB port. Custom software facilitates easy viewing of each borehole data in graphical and numerical modes.



AileronRoll.gifWhile in Horizontal mode, the system operates in a special ( Aileron Roll mode ). Just like a rolling jet flying forward rolling around its longitudinal axis, the magnetic probe while at any roll orientation inside the borehole, still outputs accurate borehole direction. Accurate direction is maintained at borehole inclinations of -75 to +75 degrees. This advanced feature sets the AOSI’s system apart from other borehole profiling tools.For inclination angles above |75| degrees, it is recommended to switch to a vertical mode.

This system is perfectly suitable for numerous Trenchless applications like HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and verification of prescribed paths for underground conduits, pipes and cables. The probe can detect and display deviations and/or deflections in horizontal directional drilling drills trajectory attributed to fractured formations or formations changing from soft to hard and back to soft sections.

EZ-BOREHOLE-PROFILER OEM can be most useful in any of the following directional drilling applications where other methods are more expensive or not feasible:

Borehole steering

Power cable installation

Crossing waterways and roadways

Water/sewer/gas/oil line installation

Telecommunications conduit installation

Pipeline and environmental inspections

Congested intersection & shore approaches

Reduction of flyrock during blasting

Balancing explosive energy to volume of blasted material

Users can operate the system in both PUSH-IN and RETRACT direction with selectable depth segment settings of 1ft, 5ft, 10ft, 1m, 3m and 5m.

Simple file retrieval software lets users transfer files between handheld controller to any PC. Profile and rear views of measured boreholes including TRUE VERTICAL DEPTH ( TVD ) are easily viewed with same software.

Specifications may change without notice.


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