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Wireless Inclinometer


EZ-LEVEL-PRO_wireless.jpgEZ-LEVEL-PROis an advanced wireless dual axis inclinometer system equipped with a rugged 3.2″ x 3.2″ remote tilt sensing probe.

It allows real time monitoring of PITCH and ROLL angles on any ANDROID, I-PHONE or corresponding tablet via built in standard Low Energy Bluetooth wireless interface.

Menu driven system intuitively controls display functions while operator is located away from the actual tilting surface.

EZ-LEVEL-PRO operates in full +-180 degrees of tilt in both Pitch and Roll with resolution and repeatability of 0.010. The output can be easily switched between arcdeg and mm/meter with a single tap on the screen.

EZ-LEVEL-PRO includes a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which can be recharged via standard Micro-USB port like any mobile phone. Same USB port can be used for long term data collection or for long term stability testing of the installed machine.

Phone application software includes short report generator which automatically creates calibration reports that can be used as a receipts and/or proof of calibrations.

Reports can be e-mailed directly from the phone. Stored data can be used for further processing and analysis.

Customer information is easily entered via special CLIENT INFO screen. The client information is included in any report created by custom software.

Standard  Specifications:

Pitch range:                                                   +-180 arcdeg

Roll range:                                                     +-180 arcdeg

Thermal compensation:                                 automatic

Angular resolution Pitch:                                0.01 arcdeg (10mm/m)

Angular resolution Roll:                                 0.01 arcdeg

Angular repeatability Pitch:                          +-0.01 arcdeg

Angular repeatability Roll:                            +-0.01 arcdeg

Horizontal calibration:                                   NIST

Comm. Protocol:                                           ASCII, serial

Interface:                                                       Bluetooth Low Power

Maximum data rate:                                     10 Hz ( readings/sec )

Visual interface:                                           ANDROID or I-PHONE phone/tablet

Visual APP type:                                          AOSI dedicated APP

Battery:                                                        Li Ion, internal, rechargeable

Battery charge:                                            36 hrs nominal, continuous use

Power ( charging/PC logging )                    Power port, Bluetooth

Wight:                                                         2 lb

Dimensions W-L-H:                                    3.2” x 3.2” x 4.2” max

For Android version we recommend  ES File Explorer application to access stored test files.

Files are stored in a AOSI directory accessed with ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer is a free APP and is available to download from Play Store.

ANDROID manual is located in the LIBRARY section under “Manuals” or by clicking on ANDROID  MANUAL 

I-PHONE manual islocated in the LIBRARY section under “Manuals” or by clicking on I-PHONE MANUAL

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